Unfading beauty

Sophie and I have a fun little tradition going when it comes to our vacation. Sophie brings a long, flowy dress, and when we find a landscape that complements the colors of the dress, we do a photoshoot. The big idea? To shoot beauty in beauty: the never-ending beauty of my love in the beauty of these amazing landscapes.

This year Sophie brought two dresses. And we did 4 different shoots. This is getting out of hand… but it’s so much fun.

Here are the best results from each year. The photo at the top is the best photo from this year. Last year we were in New Foundland and I got Sophie to stand in a lake. The year before that we were in Cornwall on the moors. This is where Sophie grew up. The year before that we were in Canada and we forgot to bring a dress. That didn’t mean I could not take a photo of this female beauty in that scenic beauty. And the year before that we were in the Italian Alps, which is where we started this little tradition. You can click on the photo’s to see them larger.

Some of the other photo’s

Since we had two dresses and did four shoots, I thought I’d show you some of the other ‘best photo’s of this year. You might recognise the viaduct that was the subject of my previous post.

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