Interior photography of a Studio for AirBnB listing in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

So Sophie and I are currently vacationing in Nova Scotia, Canada. We are staying with my sister in law and her husband. They run a number of AirBnB residences. I photographed two spaces for them. I like doing interior architectural photography. You will see a slightly different editing style between the first and the second set. I’m curious which one you like better: the editing style of the first or the second set?

Funny thing: my sister-in-law posted the images to AirBnB, and the next morning the following month was almost fully booked up! Which just goes to show that good images make ALL the difference!

Here are the images I delivered to them. Why am I showing you ALL the images I gave them? Because anyone can take one or two good images. I like to show you that a professional photographer delivers a full set of images, all good and consistent in style.

And here are the images of the second set. My sister-in-law asked me to go for a softer retouch of these images, as that fits this space more. So you may observe a (subtle) differences between the images above and the ones below.

As always, click on the images to see them larger.

For more architectural photography, please see my architectural photography page.

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