Factory photography at Hamlet Protein, Denmark

One of the more exciting projects these past few months was that I got to spend a few days photographing the Hamlet Protein factory in Denmark. The CEO has been a tong-time client, and Hamlet needed a good set of images of their facility. I got to photograph the factory, the lab, the offices, and the warehouse facilities.

Project data

Time spent: 2 days
Photo’s delivered: 60 high quality images, including drone photography.
Subjects photographed:

  • Factory
  • Production facility
  • Research (lab and pilot plant)
  • Warehouse
  • Shipping
  • Offices
  • Exterior
  • Aerial photography
  • Portraits of people at work
  • Management Team: members and group portraits

Working abroad

There are so many variables in photography; it is near impossible for two photographers to create an identical image.

It is exciting to work abroad. I have been privileged throughout my career as a photographer to travel quite a bit; even as fas as Nepal, South Africa and Canada. Of course there are good photographers in all these countries. Still, many clients have a hard time finding a good photographer. And even if you find a good one, often times he or she has his or her own style, and so the images they create are stylistically different from the images you have here. It is for these reasons some of my clients decide they would rather incur the cost, than struggle with the dissatisfaction of the images not matching.

A quick illustration. I shot portraits of all the entire staff in the head office in Amsterdam. But for the offices in Dubai and Singapore the client chose to involve the help of a local photographer. She requested I would create a brief for the photographers to follow, so that the images would have stylistic consistency with the ones I created. I prepared a two page document with a number of examples.

When I received the images from these respective photographers, I could see both had followed my instructions in their entirety. And yet my client immediately saw the differences — and so did I. The thing lots of people fail to understand about photography is: there are so many variables, and a professional photographer applies both sill and intuition… It is near impossible for two photographers to create an identical image!

Back to the assignment in Denmark! All images (excluding drone photography) shot on Fujifilm GFX100S, a 102 megapixel camera. This yields a file with an incredibly high amount of detail, meaning the photo’s can be used in very large formats.

Over Rogier

Rogier is fulltime professioneel fotograaf sinds 2007 en fotografeert voornamelijk voor bedrijven, met een nadruk op industrie. Hij is Zilver-master fotograaf, en werkt vanuit Rotterdam in binnen- en buitenland. Hij heeft diverse prijzen gewonnen. Opdrachtgevers ervaren hem als een goede fotograaf die goed mee kan denken en hun wensen kan vertalen naar sterke beelden die heel effectief en aantrekkelijk zijn in marketing en PR.

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