My favourite spot on earth

I would like to show you my favourite spot on this earth. No, I haven’t seen everything yet, and yes, I could wait with choosing my favourite spot until I had ‘seen it all’. But then again, I haven’t seen all the women of this world, and yet I choose one — and that’s worked out pretty good for me so far (we just celebrated our 26th anniversary). So yes, I have a favourite spot. It’s a spot where I feel completely at home and at rest.

My favourite spot is called Crackington Haven and can be found on the rocky north-cast of Cornwall (that’s the peninsula that sticks out into the Atlantic in South-west England). Crackington is not even a village; it’s just a few houses with a small beach between two enormous cliffs. At night the sun sets in perfect view; the waves can be enormous; there are wonderful rock pools with all kinds of sea life in them, and the water is so cold. Sophie’s family had a small cabin here and so she spent her summers on this beach. Naturally it was one of the first places I had to see when we first got to know each other, and for me too it was love at first side.

Our most recent holiday was in Cornwall and of course we spent a number of days at Crackington. It had been a few years since our last visit, but I’m happy to say beyond a few minor improvements it hadn’t changed much!

Crackington is also meaningful place for Sophie’s family. After her Dad died we scattered his ashes on the high cliff overlooking Crackington. Sophie and I have decided we each want our ashes to be scattered here as well. Sorry of that sounds a bit gruesome, but there is something deeply peaceful about ‘knowing the place’, and having a sense of belonging and peace with that.

On this blog I like showing my best and my favourite photo’s. Crackington never ceases to amaze me in how she can look. I took a ton of photo’s there this summer. Here are some of my favourites. I know I should be more selective, but heck, I can’t. I’m just going to show them all to you! As always: click on the photo’s to see them larger!

Do you have a favourite spot?

I’d love to know if you have a favourite spot. Where is it? And why do you love it so much?




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