Rays of autumn sun and my new camera


A few weeks ago I mentioned that this year I was going to go out every weekend to enjoy and photograph the fall. So far, I’ve done really well in following through on that intention. This morning I even got up at 6 AM, and drove all the way to Apeldoorn, before sunrise. That’s what true landscape photographers do, so I was feeling really good about myself….

Sophie was still asleep when I left: she did not come with me because she is teaching a birth course in my studio. When I got to Apeldoorn the sun had just come over the horizon and it was glorious. But as I glanced down at my dashboard I noticed that the keys to my studio, that Sophieneeded to get in my studio… were still on my keyring. So I called her (she had just woken up), turned the car around and drove all the way back home, making for a total trip of 257 km’s. I gave her the keys, walked to the nearby Schollenbos, and shot these images there.


It also gave me the chance to try out a new camera: the Ricoh Theta S. Have a look at what it does… If you’re wondering what I am doing? I am operating the camera from my phone. This is going to be REALLY cool in my event photography!

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