Gel shoot in the studio with Lindsey

Gelshoot met Lindsey

Every now and then you need to try something new as a photographer. For this model shoot I got my inspiration from British photographer’s Brian Mayfield (speaker at the recent MPN conference I attended), and Jake Hicks. The idea is to photograph your model with studio strobes covered with different gel colors, so as to create interesting color-casts on the model.

It was a fantastic shoot with an awesome team. It’s really exciting when things come together like that!

Model Lindsey
Make Up Merihen Giménez (Glamour Make up)
Jewellery Mark Drenth
Model scouting Sara Westmaas
Photography: Rogier Bos

Strange tricks

There’s another odd thing about these photo’s. I have a plastic sandwich bag tied around my lens. There is a colored light, pointing at the sandwich bag, which creates the very out-of-focus colors around the edges of the images.

Below are the individual images. There was another model present at the shoot, and her images are just as fascinating. I’ll post her images tomorrow!

Alien visits my studio and is photographed with a mobile phone...

Gel shoot with model Lindsey

Gel shoot with Lindsey in my studio

Model Lindsey

Model Lindsey

Lindsey: model shoot in my studio

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