A Photographer’s Prayer


In a world wrapped in darkness
Where people yearn for sight
Where good and evil fight
You are the light

You are the light of the world
The light that makes everything shine
The light that enhances and warms and then treasures
And even makes the mundane look divine

Thank you for creation and beauty
Thank you for gifts and passion and skills
Thank you for nature and people and pleasure
Thank you for dance and mountains and hills

Flow through me with your spirit
Help me see the beauty you see
Help me capture in one instant moment
Your goodness, God, let my image reveal.

May my image build up and not tear down
Enhance and not detract
Encourage and strengthen, feed and enrich
Challenge, inspire, impact.

For there is a battle from which we cannot retire
Between all that is good – and hell and its fire
To create images that move you to fight
To give yourself, to that I aspire

I want to take pictures that point out the nature of evil
I want to take photos that point out the horrors of war
I want to give hope and move people to action
For goodness, redemption of the broken and poor

May I as your image reflect your glory
May your kindness shine through my my face
May I take pictures that tell your story
As I walk in your light and your grace.

— Rogies Bos, Dec 2nd, 2007

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